Northern Fur Seal

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Males have a stocky body with thick neck and dark grey-black colouration; females have a brownish throat with silver-grey undercoat. Small head with pointed muzzle, long whiskers, and pronounced external ear flaps. Extremely long hind flippers. It is mostly the females and sub-adults seen in B.C. waters (males tend to stay farther north,
i.e. in Alaskan waters). They are seen most frequently between December and July and few come closer than 20 km from shore. 

Northern fur seals are a highly pelagic (live in the open ocean), are thought to be mostly solitary at sea, nocturnal species. They are known to be aggressive on land, especially during the breeding season. Adult males forcefully defend their breeding territory site. Northern fur seals are described as generalist or 

opportunistic foragers, consuming a wide variety of midwater fish and squid species. 

  • Length; 2 metres, 
  • Weight; 250kg,
  • Life span; 18-27 years,
  • Gestation; 12 months 
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