Whale Watching Tour Operators in Campbell River

If you’re on Vancouver Island and looking for whale watching tour adventures, Campbell River is a great place to start looking as you have multiple opportunities to choose from.

Campbell River is only 1h 45mn North of Nanaimo so it’s much faster than going to Tofino if your time is limited. It’s also a fast and straight highway, no winding roads to go North.

Once in Campbell River, you have to decide what kind of tours you’d like to go on: You can go for budget-friendly whale watching tours that will take you on a 2h fast pace zodiac tour or you can decide to spend a whole day marvelling at the wild life we enjoy on our magical North Vancouver Island, multiple tour operators can be found operating from the Discovery Harbour Marina with great parking facilities or from the Coast Marina, downtown Campbell River.

Here are the whale watching tours operators in Campbell River:

  • Aboriginal Journeys
  • Adventure Quest
  • Big Animal Encounters
  • Campbell River Whale Watching
  • Discovery Marine Safaris
  • Discovery West
  • Eagle Eye Adventures
  • Homalco Wildlife and Cultural Tours


Click here for directions on how to come to the Discovery Harbour Marina in Campbell River

Click here for directions on how to come to the Coast Marina in Campbell River



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Whale Watching in Campbell River

Whale Watching in Campbell River

Campbell River, BC on Northern Vancouver Island is a well known spot for Whale Watching and Grizzly Bear Tours. It's also home to many other species like dolphins, sea lions, eagles...

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